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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Buster Poindexter And The Domino Effect

I visited the exalted IraqWarWasWrongBlog this afternoon and perused a fascinating comment thread wherein ideas were being exchanged with regards to the notion that one way to help the Palestinians prepare for their imminent statehood would be to give them a crash course on the necessary import of Punk Rock.

As the thread evolved, the idea was proposed that it would also be a good idea to introduce the work of Marlene Dietrich. I believe that her honor/shame paradigm is, indeed, a good fit for the Palestinians. In a sense, the Marlene Dietrich model probably represents a sort of intellectual wormhole between the two dimensions of the U.S. and Palestine.

The author of the particular Marlene Dietrich proposal then went on to name a veritable liturgy of Western popanalia, which traveled through Elvis, Disco, and finally to the sublime apex of the, quite understandably, vaunted Pixies.

I countered (for I do on occasion get involved in such intellectual melees) that it is my contention that we must also consider Buster Poindexter.

I say "must" because it is apparent that Buster Poindexter embodies a peculiar crossroads of American culture, as he is the intersection of Dietrich, Sinatra, Elvis, Disco, and Punk.

And as I turn this idea over in my mind, slowly pondering the fragmented prism of thought, as if it were a broken crystal, the idea becomes larger, and takes on a more portentous quality. Clearly, the Poindexter archetype could, if applied with the necessary velocity, achieve exactly that "Democracy Domino Effect" in the larger Middle East, which the Bush Administration is flailing so pathetically to exert through the barbaric means of war.

The Iran War Was Wrong

I have a theory that when a coming event attains an almost palpable inevitably, a tangible quality, if you will, then the event exists already. If a thing exists already, in the sense that it is inevitable, then it must be dealt with tangibly. If it must be dealt with tangibly, then it itself is tangible as well.

This is why I can confidently say the Iran War Was Wrong, and not merely, "will have been" wrong.

The Iran War is as Was Wrong as the Iraq War Was, or any other war for that matter.

The old saying is true, War is Hell, and we shall most assuredly see a maninfestation of that slightly moldy maxim when the Iran War is upon us in physical form, as it already is with us in our minds.

The difference is one of epistemology; a division of the world into exoteric and esoteric reality.

The Hindus would teach us, if we would be so inclined to listen, that this division is one of Maya, or the world of illusion. It this be true, and it clearly is, then the epistemology is obliterated, and the manichean origins of the bicameral mind's habitual and incessant splintering, of the stuff of the mind, into an illusory world is rendered obvious.

Yes, my friends, it is as plain as the nose on my face; The Iran War Was Wrong

The Iran War Was Wrong

What you see here is a dubious emergence, a sort of poking the head out into the sunlight.